Full Council - Wednesday 5 April 2023, 6:30pm - Start video at 0:03:21 - Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Webcasting

Full Council
Wednesday, 5th April 2023 at 6:30pm 









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grieving, ladies and gentlemen, please sit.
there are no prayers this evening.
grieving members of the Council, members of the public and others online, who've chosen to join us, both here at the Town Hall and online, via the live webcast,
welcome to this meeting of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on Wednesday, the 5th of April 2023,
I will be overseeing this evening meeting as the mayor is indisposed and the absence for Deputy Mayor, I will be asking Councillor Pope to second agenda items 2 and 11
are we agreed about that?
before we get underway, I will ask the Chief Executive set out some important safety and procedural information that I would ask you to give your full attention, chief executive.
thank you, Mr. Mayor,
good evening. in the event of the fire alarm ringing continuously, you must immediately evacuate the building at walking pace officers will escort you via the most direct available route, and please, no one is to use the lift.
we will make our way to the fire assembly points by the entrance to the Town Hall Yard car park, on Munson, Way, once outside a check will be made to ensure everyone has left safely and please, no one is to re-enter the building until advise decides to do so.
This is a public meeting and proceedings are being webcast live online. A recording will also be available for playback on the council's website shortly thereafter. Any third party may also record or film council meetings unless exempt or confidential information is being considered, but obviously the council is not liable for any third party recordings.
please use the microphones in front of you when speaking and turn them off. When you finish the red light indicates the microphone is on and when the red light is off, it is of
any comments that are not recorded for the webcast may not be included in the minutes of the meeting.
At the end of each debate, the Mayor will ask whether the matter is agreed in the absence of a clear majority, or if the mayor decides a Full vote is desirable. A vote will be taken by a show of hands. Please keep your hand raised until your vote has been called, and the count announced
Members requesting a recorded vote must do so before a vote is taken.
If you have a mobile phone, please ensure it is switched off or set to silent mode. Thank you very much indeed.

1 Apologies for absence

agenda item one is to receive any apologies for absence chief executive,
thank you, Mr. Mayor, we've received apologies from Councillors, Baillie, Barrass, Dr Hall, March, Macmillan, Roberts and Wormington.

2 Minutes of the meeting dated 01 March 2023

agenda Item 2 is to agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 1st of March 2023 and which start on page 4 of our agenda,
no issues have been brought to my attention in advance, but are there any amendments to these minutes?
it seems not Councillor Pope, are you happy to second?
I am
there's anybody wished to speak or are they other amendments these minutes?
the motion is to agree the minutes as amended or we agreed.

3 Declarations of Interest

agenda item 3 declarations of interest.
the next item number 3 on the agenda is to receive any declarations of interest in accordance with members' code of conduct,
has any Member any declarations of interest to make in respect of any item on the agenda today?
I see them, thank you, we move on to next item

4 Announcements

agenda, item 4 is announcements, I have one announcement as Deputy Mayor, this is obviously the last meeting. a ordinary meeting before the elections, and there are a number of members number of members who are standing down and I would like to wish all those councillors not seeking re-election good fortune in the future and those seeking re-election.
whichever party you remember of good luck in those elections,
thank you,
I think the Leader's announcement
thank you,
Mr. Deputy Mayor
on on behalf of Tunbridge
Wells Borough Council, I'd like to echo what the mayor said, which is to thank all councillors for their their service, if you're standing for re-election, whichever party you're you're standing good luck if you're not standing for re-election, that's Councillor Dr Linda Hall, Councillor Hickey, Councillor Poyle, Councillor Rance and Councillor Willis,
can I just thank you for putting yourselves forward and doing your bit for our borough
also not standing is Councillor, Luke Everett and I'd like to thank Luke for being the cabinet member for environment sustainability and carbon reduction
it's been a real pleasure to work with Luke in the Borough Partnership Cabinet.
he's got an understanding of the issues which are second to none. He knows more about waste than I ever fought possible,
he's been pushing lots of things through, and I think Luke's determination to put Thomas Rosebery Council on the carbon reduction map nationally has been recognised by what's called a UK 100, which is the UK's most ambitious councils, 100 of them to tackle climate change and I think that's a real legacy to Luke as he stands out
and wish you all the best. thank you, thank you, Mr. Mayor,
are there any announcements, rather members of the cabinet?
there will not be a chief executive.
thank you, Mr. Mayor and Deputy Mayor, I've got nothing to add.
agenda Item 5 is to receive questions from members of the public duly received in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 8
we have received no questions from the members of the public

5 Questions from members of the public

agenda, item 6 is received questions from Members of Council duly received in accordance with Council procedure Rule 10

6 Questions from members of the Council

we have received no questions from members of the Council.
agenda item 7

7 Appointment of the Deputy Mayor

is appointment of the Deputy Mayor, 2023 to 2024
and covering report starts on page 22 of our agenda, where you will find one recommendation,
however, before we proceed, I would just like to clarify that this item is to nominate the Deputy Mayor subject to formal appointment at the annual meeting in May. so the recommendation in the report should read that Councillor Nicholas Pope be nominated Deputy Mayor for the municipal year 23 and 24.
We have no public speakers on this item I
am going to ask
Councillor Hayward to introduce this item and move the updated recommendation counter,
thank you very much, Mr. Deputy Mayor, yes, I'd like to propose that Nicholas Pope,
the selected nominated as Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming year, and and I've got nothing more to say thank you.
Councillor Rahman, would you like to second the motion?
yes, I would like to second the motion,
thank you.
before we move into the debate, are there any other nominations?
I see none.
thank you, the motion is now open for debate
with we have anybody who wants to speak Councillor Sankey.
thank you, Mr. Deputy Mayor, when I relisted quite realised he'd be sat next to me,
but Nick Pope is the reason I'm here and he's a trailblazer in this room, the first Councillor from a non national party, but I'm aware of a party that was only set up two months prior to his success in the 2018 elections the party has grown considerably from there and now boasts nine candidates, sorry, no one Councillors, it easy, it is even got cabinet members a real achievement, considering that it was not a threat, according to a former leader who once held 48 seats, I guess that aged well,
Nick proved that you don't have to be part of the national yah-boo parties and that it was possible to represent your neighbours in here truly independently.
many of us have now followed in his footsteps, and all of us have chosen this path of independent Omagh, a debt of gratitude for being brave and showing us the way, thank you, Nick and I'm sure you will continue to lead by example in your new role, which is well deserved, thank you.
thank you, Councillor, thank you, anybody else would like to speak on the motion.
I see no 1 0 0 sorry, Councillor Rahman.
speak on the motion now.
I first met Nick way back in the summer of 2018, when he asked me if I would like to join the friends of Peverley grounds committee. at this time he was a newly elected councillor of a newly formed party, but he was very busy making a nuisance of himself, albeit in the politest, nicest way possible to stand up for what he believed it feels slightly unreal that here we are five years later and I have the honour of seconding the proposal to nominate Nick because Deputy Mayor
Nick is eminently suited to hold this position in 2019, he was shortlisted for the civility in politics award. He is a passionate advocate for upholding the seven principles of public life, selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.
Over the past five years on the council, Nick has been brave and determined, loyal and supportive.
At a time when people are being turned off politics, we need people like Nick more than ever to show that politics can be a force for good and for truth. I am certain he will carry out his duties with grace and wisdom.
It is wonderful that it wishes to take up this position to serve the borough's residents in an additional capacity. I look forward to him supporting the most highly regarded and much loved Councillor Pattison. I hope the Members here this evening will support this recommendation to nominate Councillor Pope Deputy Mayor.
Thank you
Councillor, somebody else who wants to add to the debate
Councillor Hayward produced savings.
thank you, I think it's all been very eloquently put.
the motion is that Councillor Nicholas Pope be nominated Deputy Mayor in a miserable year, 2023 to 2024 are we, Mr. Deputies?
so, Mr. Mayor, we've had a recorded vote requested by Councillor Holden.
and any dependent works.
thanks to them,
so when I call your name, can you please say whether you are for the motion against the motion or whether you wish to abstain, Councillor Hayward for Councillor Everett's?
Councillor pound for Councillor Hall, for Councillor Chappell, odd for Councillor Waun, Councillor Fitzsimons or Councillor Rutland. for Councillor Brice or
Councillor Ellis or Councillor Funnell, or Councillor Johnson for Councillor Page
for Councillor Lidstone for Councillor Morton, 4, Councillor Poyle, 4, Councillor Knight 4,
Councillor, Neville 4, Councillor Pope
think I'll have to stay
councillor Sankey for Councillor Wakeman, for Councillor Willis.
councillor Richard Alan for Councillor Hill for Councillor Lewis
councillor Moon for Councillor Rogers, for Councillor Atkins, for
Councillor Rance for
Councillor Hickey.
Councillor Alan
for Councillor Atwood, for Councillor Barrington, King abstain,
Councillor Dorling's obscene
Councillor fairweather for
Councillor good ship.
Councillor Holden
Councillor Palmer.
Councillor White for.
and Councillor Pattison for
thank you, Mr. Mayor, there were 34 votes in favour, 2 against and 4 abstentions.
so the motion is carried.
becomes chief executive
agenda item 8. community Safety Partnership Plan 23 24

8 Community Safety Report 2023/24

this report starts on page 26 of our agenda and you will find it one recommendation
this report has received a significant amount of debate, whilst it's made its journey through the cabinet and advisory boards, and I hope everybody has taking opportunity to read the report.
we have no no public speakers on this item,
I am going to ask Councillor warn portfolio holder for rural communities, which includes Community Safety, to introduce this item and moved recommendation.
thank you, Deputy Mayor,
so this report, the Community Safety Partnership Plan, includes the
Community Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment for 22 23 and the community say safety partnership plan for 23 2023 24,
so the first sets out the crime figures for last year reported crime figures and the second of the priorities for the coming year in the following areas, domestic abuse, substance misuse and supply, and alcohol related behaviour.
anti-social behaviour, road safety and violent behaviour, which includes violence against women and girls, night-time economy and knife crime.
the breadth of these reports demonstrate what an amazing job our Community Safety Unit do under the capable eye of our manager, Terry Hughes, it's been a privilege for me to have had the opportunity to gain a greater insight and understanding into the workings of the unit and all the members of the Community Safety Partnership.
I'm extremely grateful for the immense work that goes on largely behind the scenes bar council officers, as well as the police and the professionals and volunteers in the partnership who are dedicated to ensuring that our residents, businesses and visitors remain safe throughout the borough.
the papers, as the Deputy Mayor said, have been presented and discussed at length at the community and economic Cabinet Advisory Board, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and at the Cabinet meeting
also in attendance at the first two of those meetings was Inspector Ian Jones from Kent police who, along with Terry was able to answer the numerous questions from members.
Inspector Jones also took the opportunity in for to inform members of the forthcoming changes to policing with the introduction of the new neighbourhood policing model for Kent in the summer.
I think Inspector Jones is really keen for us as Councillors, to take up the important role that we have as part of the Community Safety Partnership, because we are in close contact with our communities, we're able to encourage people to report crimes and suspicious activity
to help them build up the intelligence and the evidence base they need or what actually is going on on the ground.
this knowledge is vital to them and it helps them to build cases which are robust enough to secure convictions and make our towns and villages safer
Inspector Jones is very happy to have conversations with any members who are worried about criminal anti-social behaviour in that activity and is encouraging you to contact him if you would like a chat.
going back to the the boards and the committees, members were very engaged.
with discussions on the reports and a couple of recommendations came out of those one is that the future reports might include figures on arrests and prosecutions, and that a meeting be set up between Speedwatch groups and the Community Safety Partnership representatives and the police to explore further ways to help the groups feel better supported so both those actions are being taken forward
in discussions so it just leaves me really to recommend that we accept the recommendation
in this report, thank you very much, Deputy Mayor.
thank you, Councillor Walsh, Councillor Rutland, would you like to second the motion?
I would like to second the motion. There speak now.
we are thankful that Tunbridge Wells is one of the safest places in the county, but we are not complacent and there is always a lot of work to do. I would like to echo Councillor Warren, we are so lucky to have Terry and his team working to keep residents safe or partnerships together and communicating so effectively with our communities. The plan has been scrutinised and positively received on its journey to full Council, for I wholeheartedly second, a motion to recommend that the Community Safety Partnership Plan 2023 24 be approved. Thank you.
Thank you, Councillor Rutland. The matter is now open for debate. They would like to speak
Councillor Jonathan King.
thank you, Mr. Deputy Mayor, and I would like to wholeheartedly support this paper, this recommendation this evening, when it was under my watch
that I recognise the fact that we had to set priorities and I know that the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, make sure that those priorities are opposite and.
certainly with my experience that
the officers worked very hard behind the scenes and I would like to give due credit not only to
Mr. Hughes, Terry Hughes, and to Denise Haylett and to Paul Taylor as well,
that actually steering us towards
the right recommendations this evening. and on a more sober note, and I mentioned this when we had an online meeting that I had the privilege to meet to Tricia Bennell.
who has done
incredible work behind the scenes as a legacy of her daughter's untimely death, at Harvey Nichols in the West, End when she was?
a person who then shot her
and killed her three, I think, put four bullets into
at the counter the beauty store in Harvey Nichols and
I know that that as a Tunbridge Wells western that had some resignation for us.
as elected members and Trisha has done some sterling work, and I, underneath the
the banner of the Community Safety Partnership and was rightly recognised in the New Year's honours list
and was awarded an accolade for her hard work and endeavours, and for those of you who should rightly go up and see what happens at the Community Safety Unit, though I would wholeheartedly recommend it to see how their working on behalf of our council to make sure that our people, our electorate, are protected and focused upon within this borough. Thank you, Mr. Deputy Mayor,
thank you, Councillor Barrett King, Councillor Sankey,
thank you, Mr. Deputy HRA, as a licensee and retailer in the town. I'd just like to put on the record how grateful I and the other traders are for the hard work of the CSI team. Do their work makes our town a safer place to be not just for our residents and tourists, but also for our staff, and I know first-hand that the radio system issued to Pubwatch under the brilliant Rosie Burton provides the late-night teams with the reassurance they need to be able to concentrate on their roles without having to worry about louche individuals turning up unannounced. Thank you,
thank you, Councillor Sankey or Councillor Moon.
thank you, Mr. Mayor, Deputy Mayor.
my question really is a question
in relation to the anti-social behaviour
and I note it's gone down by a quarter 25%, something like that is the criteria of what's used for that anti-social behaviour.
I have seen where people were homeless and I have been sleeping in shop doorways
and being removed is that part of the anti-social behaviour criteria of moving them on
not necessarily shine on that statistic.
thank you, thank you, Councillor, she's not or another question and answer session, but perhaps the proposal pick up the point in in the conclusion, if they want to.
have we got anybody else who would like to speak?
it seems
not Councillor Waun, would you like to sum up?
I think
it's very clear that we
I am very grateful to the work that the Community Safety do and our officers as well. and I will certainly pick up your point Councillor Noon and take it, take it back to the to the to Terry, should I be re-elected and is still in post in May?
besides, I'd recommend that the Council accept recommendation in this report and
seek your support, thank you very much.
thank you very much, Councillor Warren, so the motion is that the Community Safety Partnership Plan 23 24 be approved, all those in favour say yes.
a very say no against
there on that.
so the motion is carried,
thank you.
agenda item 9

9 Procurement Process and Policy Updates

is the procurement process and policy update, the report starts on page 95 of our agenda and you will find three mecca recommendations, we have no public speakers on this item, I'm going to ask Councillor Hall portfolio holder for finance performance to introduce this item and move the recommendation Councillor Hall.
thank you, Mr. Deputy Mayor, this report concludes the outcome of a review of the council's contract standing orders, which were last updated in July 2017 there have been some significant legislative chain changes in procurement, with more substantial changes to legislation to be introduced by the procurement Bill 2022, which is currently going through parliament,
our review included gaining the approval of the audit and governance committee. We are now required to advertise contracts in accordance with find attended service regulations which replace the official Journal of the European Union regulation following the UK's exit from the European Union,
whilst reviewing the legislative position to ensure that our constitution is compliant and up-to-date. We have also taken the opportunity to review the operational effectiveness of our current thresholds in order to ensure that our processes are efficient and well balanced.
I'm happy to move the recommendation.
thank you, Councillor Hall, Councillor Hayward, we would like to second the motion,
thank you, Mr. Deputy Mayor, I'd like to second the motion and reserve my right to speak,
thank you, thank you, Councillor Hayward,
the matter is now open for debate then if you'd like to contribute to it.
it seems not.
Councillor Hayward,
I'd like to ask that the recommendations be approved, Mr. Deputy Mayor, thank you.
when the motion is in the report for the procurement and policy plan, 23 24 be approved, all those in favour say yes, yes,
although against say no.
there are none,
so the motion is carried.

10 Urgent Business

agenda item 10, the agenda item 10, is urgent business, but I can confirm there is no urgent business for the account to consider this evening

11 Common Seal of the Council

agenda item 11 is to authorise the common seal, as set out in your agendas I so move Councillor Pope, are you happy to second,
I am happy to second.
the motion is to authorise a common seal of the council to be affixed to the any contract minute notice or other document arising out of the minutes or pursuant to any delegation authority or power conferred by the Council are we agreed greed,

12 Date of next meeting

finally agenda item 12, the date of the next meeting is Wednesday, the 5th of July 2023, thank you for your attendance, the meeting is now closed.